Journal #6

Lamp Post

I’ve been bathing in the light for an hour.
The sun had set and the moon shone,
Leaving me to stargaze in utter silence.

I turned my attention to the light above me
The spot light that shades the area
Around the lonely park oak bench.

An artificial light with artificial warmth
That keeps away the winter darkness.
It was my companion for the time being.

It didn’t take long until the lamp post dimmed.
Its light was now slowly fading out of existence
My sense of security and comfort took small toll.

Then it began to flicker on and off,
Like someone playing with a switch.
It wasn’t long until the light went out.

The lamp post’s lukewarm light was now
Nowhere in sight, leaving the moonlight
And the fireflies to provide natural light.

The transition from the unnatural to natural
Felt like removing a veil from my eyes.
I looked at things in a new light.

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One Response to “Journal #6”

  1. Ariel says:

    My first criticism of this poem would be the fact that you seem to forget which tense you’re telling this in and it becomes quite confusing. Also, this poem seems, first and foremost, to be a literal description, yet, at the end, it seems as though you are trying to say something more. If you wish for this to be more metaphorical, I would suggest introducing that idea earlier into the poem so that you might say more.